Dominique Anglade

The problem

our challenge was to modernising a political figure in montreal through social media. Dominique Anglade had already a solid community on twitter and facebook, but the content on these pages weren't connecting with her audience. We wanted to awake the audience's interest and engagement on Dominique's post and also gain media attention from local news.

The solution

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Video Production

Prior to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Dominique Anglade and Influence Orbis teamed up to create a tribute video to the victims of the earthquake. The ambitious idea was to film Dominique Anglade reading a letter to her parents that were part of the incident. We started re-activating all of her social media platforms and created a landing page where people could read more about Dominique Anglade and suppport her. The results was phenomenal

The solution