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Empowering local shops with online success – effortlessly bring your store online and deliver convenience to customers’ doorsteps with our low-cost SaaS platform.

Project Overview

Onetrip is an innovative SaaS platform that empowers local shops and grocery stores to establish their online presence without the need for expensive development firms. The platform offers a low-cost solution, enabling store owners to quickly launch their online stores, efficiently manage inventory and sales, and provide direct delivery to their customers’ doorsteps.


For Onetrip’s logo and branding, we aimed to capture the essence of movement, speed, and simplicity. The logo features a flashy “1” enclosed within an orange circle. A dynamic swoosh surrounding the “1” conveys the idea of rapid movement, symbolizing the speed and efficiency of Onetrip’s services. The color orange was strategically chosen to represent simplicity and evoke a sense of freshness, while also alluding to the grocery store industry.

Online Presence

In developing Onetrip’s website and web portal, our focus was on creating a user-friendly platform that emulates the ease and functionality of a physical store. The website and web portal allowed store owners to effortlessly create multiple categories and organize their inventory in a manner similar to an actual store layout. By implementing intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces, we ensured that store owners could efficiently manage their online stores while providing a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Throughout the project, our team worked diligently to bring Onetrip’s vision to life. By designing a logo that conveys movement and simplicity through the dynamic “1” within an orange circle, we captured the spirit of the platform. The website and web portal were developed to be easy to use, yet powerful, enabling local shops and grocery stores to seamlessly transition into the digital realm while delivering a convenient and efficient shopping experience to their customers.